Barry M’s Vivid Purple

Some old pictures of Barry M’s Vivid Purple.

BarryM_VividPurple  BarryM_VividPurple3 BarryM_VividPurple4BarryM_VividPurple2


Flushed to the extreme

Even though I enjoy wearing my cremes alone I usually end up creating some kind of nail art on top. This time there’s no nail art but a wonderful addition to NYX’s Extreme Purple is Cult Nails’ Flushed (the amount of pictures is directly proportional…).

Flushed is a lovely purple base with color shifting shimmer that has an incredible glow…

NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed4NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed5  NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed7NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed6NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed3NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed2

Rimmel London’s Baby Bellini

Rimmel London has released a small line of  Cocktail Colour glassfleck shimmery polishes. I ordered two from Asos and one of them broke in transit and now they’re all gone… Too bad as I like this one a lot and would probably have enjoyed the others as much.

This purple one is called Baby Bellini and is just incredibly awesome. I sure have a weakness for purple shimmers and glassflecks 🙂 application was flawless although three coats were needed for opacity.


Depend’s 313

There are few swedish polishes I really feel like I need to own based on the color, look and finish. Depend’s 313 is a deep purple with green shimmer and it’s one of a few exceptions.

I love the formula; application was flawless, it was opaque at two coats and dried reasonably fast.

Depend_3133 Depend_3134 Depend_3135Depend_3132

Nubar’s Romance

This is Nubar’s Romance from the collection Simplicity Meets Elegance; the only nail polish collection I own in its entirety. Even though I’m always happy with Nubar I was quite surprised I liked them all when I recieved the set of eight.

Application was quite lovely; the crelly like formula made it buttery and easy to paint, it was opaque at three normal coats and dried fast.


Orly’s Fowl Play

Orly’s Fowl Play is beautiful in many ways but leaves me quite uninterested in the end. I have no idea why as the idea is quite lovely;  a deep purple jelly base full of flakies and micro glitter and tiny blue glitter. It applies very well, is opaque at two generous coats and dries reasonably fast.