Running Incognito

When trying out my Jumbo Plates from Cheeky I messed up with this pattern and decided to just dot it up!

Barielle’s Mint Ice Cream Cone is the base for stamping with Gina Tricot’s Petrol. I dotted on top with Essie’s Going Incognito,  Orly’s Ancient Jade and China Glaze’s Running In Circles. It turned out quite ok for a messed up stamping 🙂

Barielle_MintIceCreamCone_and_GinaTricot_Petrol_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_ChinaGlaze_RunningInCircles  Barielle_MintIceCreamCone_and_GinaTricot_Petrol_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_ChinaGlaze_RunningInCircles4 Barielle_MintIceCreamCone_and_GinaTricot_Petrol_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_ChinaGlaze_RunningInCircles5Barielle_MintIceCreamCone_and_GinaTricot_Petrol_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_ChinaGlaze_RunningInCircles2


Precious sapphire

On top of Orly’s dusty blue Sapphire Silk I painted two coats of a topper with blue and fuchsia hex glitter from the Claire’s set Precious Metals.

Orly_SapphireSilk_and_Claires3  Orly_SapphireSilk_and_ClairesOrly_SapphireSilk_and_Claires2

Orly’s Sapphire Silk

Orly’s Sapphire Silk is a dusty tealish blue creme that serves as underwear for a ton of nail art for me. I just love it! The formula is a tad runny and you have to keep the amount of polish on the brush quite low to not overflow your cuticles.


Orly_SapphireSilk2 Orly_SapphireSilk3

Incognito Vines

It’s Green Wednesday over at Vacker&Underbar’s and my stash of posts with green polishes is getting pretty thin tbh… Time for some new green themed nail art I think 🙂

Getting tired of nail art based on Orly’s Ancient Jade yet? I truly hope not as it’s here  to stay 🙂 on top Essie’s emerald green Going Incognito was used for the floral stamping. I really like stamping with similar colors like this!


Orly’s Buried Alive.

Orly’s Buried Alive was part of the Dark Shadows collection quartet and one of my favorite brown polishes (and that says a lot as I generally dislike or feel indifferent to brown) 🙂

The base is a lovely mud brown color packed full of golden copperish shimmer that glows beautifully. The formula was perfect; easy to apply, opaque at two coats and dried reasonably fast.

Orly_BuriedAlive3 Orly_BuriedAlive2Orly_BuriedAlive

Orly’s Fowl Play

Orly’s Fowl Play is beautiful in many ways but leaves me quite uninterested in the end. I have no idea why as the idea is quite lovely;  a deep purple jelly base full of flakies and micro glitter and tiny blue glitter. It applies very well, is opaque at two generous coats and dries reasonably fast.



Layering glitter polishes over cremes is so much fun and this one kind of reminds me of a salad… Orly’s Ancient Jade with two coats of Glitzology’s Island of Misfit Toys on top. This isn’t really a pretty combination but it’s fun! 🙂

Orly_AncientJade_and_Glitzology_IslandOfMisfitToys Orly_AncientJade_and_Glitzology_IslandOfMisfitToys2 Orly_AncientJade_and_Glitzology_IslandOfMisfitToys3

Dotty splatter thingy

Green Wednesday over at Vacker&Underbar’s!

Ahh, I got the inspiration to do this dotted splatter manicure from a blog post but I cannot for the life of me remember which blog :/ Sigh. I loved the idea of dotted splatter manicures and decided to try it out…

OPI’s Uh-Oh Roll Down The Window was used for the base and China Glaze’s Snow and Orly’s Ancient Jade for the dotting.


Jaded candy

It’s Blue Monday over at Lindas Nailorama and Gina Tricot’s light blue creme Candy Mint is the base for some symmetrical dotting with Orly’s green creme Ancient Jade and Gina Tricot’s Blue Bug. I just love these dotticures 🙂 waiting for my nails to grow out after the last disaster with my middle finger nail to make some more… So slow!

GinaTricot_CandyMint_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_GinaTricot_BlueBug3GinaTricot_CandyMint_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_GinaTricot_BlueBug2 GinaTricot_CandyMint_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_GinaTricot_BlueBug4GinaTricot_CandyMint_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_GinaTricot_BlueBug