Jaded candy

It’s Blue Monday over at Lindas Nailorama and Gina Tricot’s light blue creme Candy Mint is the base for some symmetrical dotting with Orly’s green creme Ancient Jade and Gina Tricot’s Blue Bug. I just love these dotticures 🙂 waiting for my nails to grow out after the last disaster with my middle finger nail to make some more… So slow!

GinaTricot_CandyMint_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_GinaTricot_BlueBug3GinaTricot_CandyMint_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_GinaTricot_BlueBug2 GinaTricot_CandyMint_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_GinaTricot_BlueBug4GinaTricot_CandyMint_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_GinaTricot_BlueBug


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