Barry M’s Vivid Purple

Some old pictures of Barry M’s Vivid Purple.

BarryM_VividPurple  BarryM_VividPurple3 BarryM_VividPurple4BarryM_VividPurple2


Zoya’s Song

I’ve been absent laely to put it mildly and the reason is both time restrictions and general disinterest. I’ve decided to empty my archive/draft pile and then end it! Some posts will be only pictures and some will have a little text… I hope it serves some kind of purpose atleast 🙂

Today I have Zoya’s Song for you. It is a lovely medium blue polish packed full of shimmer in lighter blue. So lovely 🙂 and incredibly easy to apply, opaque at one generous coat and dries very fast.

Zoya_Song5Zoya_SongZoya_Song2Zoya_Song3 Zoya_Song6

Flushed to the extreme

Even though I enjoy wearing my cremes alone I usually end up creating some kind of nail art on top. This time there’s no nail art but a wonderful addition to NYX’s Extreme Purple is Cult Nails’ Flushed (the amount of pictures is directly proportional…).

Flushed is a lovely purple base with color shifting shimmer that has an incredible glow…

NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed4NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed5  NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed7NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed6NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed3NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed2

Gina Tricot’s Candy Pink

As far as pale pinks goes, Gina Tricot’s Candy Pink is one of the prettier and more flattering ones. It contains golden shimmer that gives it a cute glow and a little more depth 🙂

Application was good, two coats were needed for opacity and it dried reasonably fast.

GinaTricot_CandyPink2GinaTricot_CandyPink GinaTricot_CandyPink3


Cult Nails’ orange toned red shimmer Annalicious is the base for a manicure that reminds me of the circus or an amusement park 🙂 I used Innisfree’s glitter 107 with its mix of bar and hex glitter in a multitude of colors for the sloppy gradient.

For once I’m actually posting a NOTD; I’m wearing this to work today!

CultNails_Annalicious_Innisfree_1072CultNails_Annalicious_Innisfree_107 CultNails_Annalicious_Innisfree_1073 CultNails_Annalicious_Innisfree_1074

Cult Nails’ Annalicious

The first to be swatched (and worn for two days… hence the tip wear) from my haul from Cult Nails is Annalicious. It is such a lovely shimmery orange based red full with red and golden shimmer.

It was a dream to use; easy to apply, fully opaque at two generous coats and dried very fast.

As you can see it was hard to photograph accuratelythough; the two first pictures are showing the color with way too much blue in it and the three other pictures are a tad too orange. A mix of them would give a fair representation of the lovely color.

CultNails_Annalicious CultNails_Annalicious2   CultNails_Annalicious5CultNails_Annalicious3CultNails_Annalicious4