Rich kisses

These dark dark vampy blackened red shimmers are my weakness… Sinful Color’s Rich In Heart is one of the better ones both in color and formula. It applies without issues, dries fast and has a lovely red glow to it.

I wanted to make the manicure a bit more interesting and decided to practice my stamping again. I used Gina Tricot’s Raspberry which worked better then expected for stamping. I like the result 🙂

For some reason I’m holding Sinful Color’s Secret Admirer instead of Rich In Heart in the photographs… Hmm… The combination looks nice though. Maybe some kind of tape mani with these two?



I have a slight addiction… To dotting tools 😀

Wet N’ Wild’s Red Tape was nearly impossible to get opaque on it’s own… At four coats there was still visible nail line. So, Essie’s Spaghetti Straps acted as underwear for this awesome bright red crelly. Lastly I dotted with Gina Tricot’s Line Up, which made this look quite summery and reminds me of strawberries. And with that we’re back to the usual seasonal mismatching going on here 😛

Elusive holo

Ahh, lovely lovely holo. Color Club’s Revvvolution is a lovely gray holographic polish. As usual it’s hard to photograph so imagine a lot more rainbows… Ahh. Perfect coverage in two coats and it dried very fast.

This has been on my wish list for quite some time. When I got it from one of the birthday group ladies I was thrilled 🙂

Alpine lace

How could I lack a proper white polish when I own over 300 bottles? Ah, no one knows… 🙂 I’ve been wanting to buy this lovely chalky white creme for a long while but never got around to it. Today my lovely boyfriend surprised me with it; OPI’s Alpine Snow. The first two coats were streaky but the third made it opaque.

I used dotting tools to apply Gina Tricot’s Petrol on top and for a first try at this kind of design I’m quite pleased 🙂

Tiny spiders

My intention with this was to create a creepy spider themed Halloween manicure… Yeah, I know. These are as creepy as lollipops, unicorns and kittens together. They’re so adorable and were alot of fun to paint and dot 😀

HM’s Happy Hour is the base and lovely to work with; fast drying time, perfect coverage in two coats and a lovely fall-ish color. For the cute spiders I used OPI’s Mourning Glory and a white polish from Depend (color number worn off).


Dead ringer

This one was so fun to paint/dot 🙂

I used Mourning Glory (pics without top coat. So shiny!) from OPI’s Halloween set So Skullicious for the base and the three other colors from the set for the dots/rings. Candlelight for the yellow ones, Hi, Pumpkin! for the orange ones and lastly A-Rose From The Dead for the pink ones.