Sinful Amethyst

I love purple! For some reason it’s one of those colors that I have very few of, especially cremes. This one is Sinful Colors’ Amethyst and applies like a dream.  Could’ve worked with a single coat but I painted two to get some depth.

Both pictures without a top coat.


A safe medium

In the beginning of my nail polish obsession I made a large order from E.L.F for about half of their nail polish line. Medium Red was one of them. It sure is a pretty red with a good formula, but nothing with it is unique or special. If you own another red in the same range there’s just no need to own it.

A Glorious Midnight in Moscow

Many of my favorite polishes are “almost black”; I especially love the red ones. Nailpolish that looks almost black but has a slight tint of another color is just sooo interesting.

OPI’s Midnight in Moscow was my first almost black and first self bought OPI. I’ve loved it for a long time but actually found two replacements that are better according to me, mostly because the red in them is more prominent. I guess that depends on how black you want your almost black to be 😉


When my father returned from his vacation to Turkey he brought an unusual gift for me – 12 polishes from the brand Flormar! I used the minty424 as a base for this manicure. I was pleasantly suprised by the formula and drying time. To make it a bit more interesting I topped 424 with Nubar’s Black Polka Dot. My friend thought it looks like bird eggs, and I agree 🙂

A-England – Saint George

There are numerous reviews on A-England and their formula. Some think it’s horrible and hard to work with but I agree with the rest; A-Englands formula is one of the best ones out there. Add to that gorgeous colors, a decent price range and fast shipping and it’s no suprise it’s one of my favorite brands. Especially because of the formula.

This is A-Englands Saint George, two coats. Fabulous color and perfect coverage. It should be a crime to create colors THIS beautiful!

Toxic waste

Few of my polishes get to me when they’re still new and exciting to the polish community but I still enjoy swatching them and I know how useful they are when ordering polish online.

China Glaze’s Starboard is beautiful grass green creme that needed two coats to be opaque. I have a special relationship to green polishes… They rarely make my heart skip a beat on their own (OPI:s Jade is the New Black being the exception) but feel fresh. Starboard is probably more of a summery green creme but I’m not known for caring about matching the seasons… 🙂

When the plain green creme started boring me a bit I decided to make a sloppy glitter gradient with Kleancolor’s Green With Envy. It reminds me of toxic waste. I like it!