Hunting for peridot

NYX’s Hunter Green was begging for stamping with Chanel’s Peridot.

NYX_HunterGreen_Chanel_Peridot3 NYX_HunterGreen_Chanel_Peridot2 NYX_HunterGreen_Chanel_Peridot


Running Incognito

When trying out my Jumbo Plates from Cheeky I messed up with this pattern and decided to just dot it up!

Barielle’s Mint Ice Cream Cone is the base for stamping with Gina Tricot’s Petrol. I dotted on top with Essie’s Going Incognito,  Orly’s Ancient Jade and China Glaze’s Running In Circles. It turned out quite ok for a messed up stamping 🙂

Barielle_MintIceCreamCone_and_GinaTricot_Petrol_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_ChinaGlaze_RunningInCircles  Barielle_MintIceCreamCone_and_GinaTricot_Petrol_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_ChinaGlaze_RunningInCircles4 Barielle_MintIceCreamCone_and_GinaTricot_Petrol_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_ChinaGlaze_RunningInCircles5Barielle_MintIceCreamCone_and_GinaTricot_Petrol_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_ChinaGlaze_RunningInCircles2

Nubar’s Chartreuse

Nubar’s Chartreuse is one of those polishes that scream spring and summer. The color itself is actually quite flattering and the polish has Nubar’s usual fantastic formula; easy to apply, opaque at two generous coats and dried fast. This rapidly became a favorite everyday wear polish 🙂

If you can spot those little tiny hexes of green glitter they are my failed attempt at a subtle polka dot manicure with hand placed glitter.

Nubar_Chartreuse_Glitter6 Nubar_Chartreuse_Glitter5 Nubar_Chartreuse_Glitter4 Nubar_Chartreuse_Glitter3 Nubar_Chartreuse_Glitter Nubar_Chartreuse_Glitter2Nubar_Chartreuse_Glitter7

Barry M’s Mint Green

Barry M’s Mint Green is a decent mint green creme polish. Mint green polishes are among my favorites to wear by themselves and use in nail art. And there are so many in my stash… Unfortuntely Mint Green was a tad irritating to apply and won’t be a favorite but the color is wonderful 🙂


Golden jade and stylish circles

It’s Green Wednesday over at Vacker&Underbar’s! 🙂

Rimmel London’s Misty Jade is a bright pale jade green creme with some minor application issues. As the base of nail art it works wonderfully. For the first layer of the bigger dots and the smaller diagonal dots I used Essie’s dark green Stylenomics; I really love this kind of symmetrical dotting and I find myself using it in nail art over and over.

On top of that I used Barry M’s Gold Foil and lasty a dot of China Glaze’s bright green Running In Circles.

Rimmel_MistyJade_Essie_Stylenomics_BarryM_GoldFoil_CG_RunningInCircles Rimmel_MistyJade_Essie_Stylenomics_BarryM_GoldFoil_CG_RunningInCircles3Rimmel_MistyJade_Essie_Stylenomics_BarryM_GoldFoil_CG_RunningInCircles2

Depend’s 313

There are few swedish polishes I really feel like I need to own based on the color, look and finish. Depend’s 313 is a deep purple with green shimmer and it’s one of a few exceptions.

I love the formula; application was flawless, it was opaque at two coats and dried reasonably fast.

Depend_3133 Depend_3134 Depend_3135Depend_3132

Style and candy for the heart

It’s Green Wednesday over at Vacker&Underbar’s today and I have a manicure that barely looks green for you…

Usually I’m not a fan of asymmetry but there are rare cases when I’m either OK with it or actually like it a lot… This one is the former. I dotted some kind of combination of a medallion manicure and something else on top of Essie’s dark, dark green Stylenomics with Gina Tricot’s light blue Candy Mint and Misa’s purple Total Eclipse Of The Heart.


Essie’s Stylenomics

Essie’s Stylenomics was sitting all alone in a clearance bin at H&M. I don’t own any almost black greens and decided this had to be the one. The formula was not fantastic but decent enough. It was relatively easy to apply, opaque at two coats and dried reasonably fast.

Essie_Stylenomics Essie_Stylenomics2 Essie_Stylenomics3 Essie_Stylenomics4