Hunting for peridot

NYX’s Hunter Green was begging for stamping with Chanel’s Peridot.

NYX_HunterGreen_Chanel_Peridot3 NYX_HunterGreen_Chanel_Peridot2 NYX_HunterGreen_Chanel_Peridot


Vinyl and gold

NYX’s dark blue jelly Sepia is the base for an accent nail with anchor stamping with Barry M’s Gold Foil. On all other nails I dotted with NYX’s Vinyl Red.

NYX_Sepia_VinylRed_BarryM_GoldFoil3 NYX_Sepia_VinylRed_BarryM_GoldFoil2 NYX_Sepia_VinylRed_BarryM_GoldFoil

Flushed to the extreme

Even though I enjoy wearing my cremes alone I usually end up creating some kind of nail art on top. This time there’s no nail art but a wonderful addition to NYX’s Extreme Purple is Cult Nails’ Flushed (the amount of pictures is directly proportional…).

Flushed is a lovely purple base with color shifting shimmer that has an incredible glow…

NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed4NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed5  NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed7NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed6NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed3NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed2

Boring.. prisms?

Essie’s Don’t Sweater It (some one please shoot me…) is a lovely greige creme that applies like a dream.  I wanted to make a discrete/toned down/pleasant to look at glitter gradient and chose NYX Girls’ Prismatic Gold that contains both golden micro glitter and larger prismatic hexagon glitter.

I have to say I’m not particularly fond of this manicure. I like glitter gradients and the colors themselves but together they kind of blend into a slush of… boring. That was not my intention 🙂