Dot bonanza

Kleancolor’s Neon Fuschia is the base for some dotting with Gina Tricot’s bright yellow Lemon.

This started out as some kind of symmetrical dotticure but turned into chaos 😀

Kleancolor_NeonFuchsia_GinaTricot_Lemon Kleancolor_NeonFuchsia_GinaTricot_Lemon2 Kleancolor_NeonFuchsia_GinaTricot_Lemon3


Zoya’s Song

I’ve been absent laely to put it mildly and the reason is both time restrictions and general disinterest. I’ve decided to empty my archive/draft pile and then end it! Some posts will be only pictures and some will have a little text… I hope it serves some kind of purpose atleast 🙂

Today I have Zoya’s Song for you. It is a lovely medium blue polish packed full of shimmer in lighter blue. So lovely 🙂 and incredibly easy to apply, opaque at one generous coat and dries very fast.

Zoya_Song5Zoya_SongZoya_Song2Zoya_Song3 Zoya_Song6