Pink feathers!

Since Nordic Cap’s pale pink shimmer 14 was so girly I decided to go with the pink all the way 🙂 I stamped feathers with Barry M’s Raspberry, dotted with Barry M’s Silver Foil and topped it off with dots of Sinful Colors’ vibrant pink shimmer Forget Now. This isn’t very… me 🙂



Nordic Cap’s 14

Nordic Cap’s number 14 is a pale peachy pink (a tad more pink IRL) polish full of white shimmer. The application was decent, it needed three coats for opacity and had the same drying issues as the other Nordic Caps I own.

Normally I apply top coat immediately but this time I wanted to experiment and see how long it took for the polish to dry. I ate dinner and when done the polish was almost dry. You could still dent it with your nails but you didn’t run a risk of snagging off some of it in passing.

NordicCap_142 NordicCap_143 NordicCap_144

Haul: Pahlish and Darling Diva Polish

Indies are my new weakness… I got my recent orders from Pahlish and Darling Diva Polish the other day and oh boy… Amazing doesn’t even begin to describe it. And to think that I swore not to get into indies before… Pfft. Madness! Pahlish is the BEST at creating dense glitter/shimmer/fleck mixes in greens and blues and I just had try DDP’s holographic top coat.

L-R: Little White CandleClanking of Crystal, Slow Fade of Love, Prayers For Rain and Still Alive.


My order from Darling Diva Polish contained Ringer, Dreamy and Bitches Have Birthdays.


Essie’s Going Incognito

Essie’s Going Incognito is a lovely emerald green creme leaning on teal. I just LOVE this color and it actually was on my wish list a long time before I finally ordered it 🙂 so pleased to finally be able to use it both by itself and as a base for nail art.

Application was good although the formula was a bit on the thinner side and tried to escape and pool at the cuticles. Fully opaque at two coats and dried reasonably fast.


Candy Pop

Over China Glaze’s Grape Pop I dabbed two coats of Glitzology’s Cotton Candy which consists of a lavender shimmery base full of medium sized light blue, white and pink hex glitter, red and light pink square glitter and smaller hex glitter in pink. I had some issues with dispersing the glitter evenly on each nail but it doesn’t make the polish less pretty 🙂


ChinaGlaze_GrapePop_and_Glitzology_CottonCandy ChinaGlaze_GrapePop_and_Glitzology_CottonCandy3

Nail Art Sunday: Silvery Power

I was in the mood for some kind of tape manicure and decided to my whip out my trusted Scotch tape and just use Cult Nails’ dark brown Swanbourne as the base since I was already wearing it. Barry M’s Silver Foil and Cult Nails’ Power Thief are used for the second and third layer. Brown polishes are few and far between in my stash and I can remember why now… I rarely like the outcome when matching them to other polishes, unless it’s something minty ^^

I need to make more tape manicures from now on though… They are a ton of fun to design and paint.

It’s Nail Art Sunday @ LeLack 🙂

CultNails_Swanbourne_and_BarryM_SilverFoil_and_CultNails_PowerThief3  CultNails_Swanbourne_and_BarryM_SilverFoil_and_CultNails_PowerThiefCultNails_Swanbourne_and_BarryM_SilverFoil_and_CultNails_PowerThief2