Flushed to the extreme

Even though I enjoy wearing my cremes alone I usually end up creating some kind of nail art on top. This time there’s no nail art but a wonderful addition to NYX’s Extreme Purple is Cult Nails’ Flushed (the amount of pictures is directly proportional…).

Flushed is a lovely purple base with color shifting shimmer that has an incredible glow…

NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed4NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed5  NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed7NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed6NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed3NYX_ExtremePurple_CultNails_Flushed2


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