Candy in the Alps

Way back when I still had a more oval nail shape and hadn’t set up my photo tent I wanted to create some kind of candy themed manicure. First I painted a base of OPI’s Alpine Snow (my favorite white polish of all time) and dotted Haribo candy on top with Nubar’s Sexy Red, China Glaze’s green Starboard and OPI’s yellow Candlelight. I added some pink dots with Sally Hansen’s Party Hard-Y.

OPI_AlpineSnow_and_NailArt  OPI_AlpineSnow_and_NailArt3OPI_AlpineSnow_and_NailArt2


Nubar’s Chartreuse

Nubar’s Chartreuse is one of those polishes that scream spring and summer. The color itself is actually quite flattering and the polish has Nubar’s usual fantastic formula; easy to apply, opaque at two generous coats and dried fast. This rapidly became a favorite everyday wear polish 🙂

If you can spot those little tiny hexes of green glitter they are my failed attempt at a subtle polka dot manicure with hand placed glitter.

Nubar_Chartreuse_Glitter6 Nubar_Chartreuse_Glitter5 Nubar_Chartreuse_Glitter4 Nubar_Chartreuse_Glitter3 Nubar_Chartreuse_Glitter Nubar_Chartreuse_Glitter2Nubar_Chartreuse_Glitter7

Haul: Nubar!

There have been very few additions to my stash lately but Nubar’s My Sweet Escape collection is one of them.

In general I prefer to use Nubar for day to day manicures because of their (unique for me) ability to NOT chip after less then 24 hours.

L-R: Dusk till Dawn, Into the Wild, Jaded and Sour Apple.


L-R: Nubar’s Resort Yellow, My New Obsession, On the Radar and Forbidden Fruit.


Nubar’s Mystique

Nubar’s Mystique is the perfect darker teal polish. It has the amazing formula that I’m used to with Nubar; it’s great during application, needs two coats for opacity and dries fast. Aaaand it’s so beautiful 🙂


Nubar’s Rouge

Nubar is truly a favorite brand for me and even though this is hardly my kind of pink polish I like Nubar’s Rouge well enough. Rouge is a creme polish with Nubars wonderful formula; it was easy to apply and dried fast. It needs a top coat badly though.

These pictures show it off a bit less bright pink then it should be 🙂

Nubar_Rouge4Nubar_Rouge2Nubar_Rouge Nubar_Rouge5Nubar_Rouge3