Candy in the Alps

Way back when I still had a more oval nail shape and hadn’t set up my photo tent I wanted to create some kind of candy themed manicure. First I painted a base of OPI’s Alpine Snow (my favorite white polish of all time) and dotted Haribo candy on top with Nubar’s Sexy Red, China Glaze’s green Starboard and OPI’s yellow Candlelight. I added some pink dots with Sally Hansen’s Party Hard-Y.

OPI_AlpineSnow_and_NailArt  OPI_AlpineSnow_and_NailArt3OPI_AlpineSnow_and_NailArt2


Nail and cuticle status

One month ago I wrote about my nails and cuticles being in a horrible state.  I cut down all my nails due to one breaking just below the nailbed and my cuticles were dry and aching. For some reason I had stopped taking care of them… Oh well. After a month of my usual routine they are in much better state. My cuticles and hands are still a bit dry (not as dry as in the pictures though. Stupid remover!) but all hangnails are gone and my nails have grown quite much. I’ve even filed them down quite a bit, to start to shape them.

And just for fun; the products I use to take care of my nails.



Nubbins and back to my old ways

In my last manicures my pinky nail has been considerably shorter then the rest. It broke so so short and I had a period of separation anxiety towards the rest and just couldn’t even them out. The other day I had enough of the ridiculousness and cut down all my nails 😛 both my nails and cuticles are in a sad state right now and need some love.

Even before nail polish became a hobby I painted my nails sporadically but always had issues with my nails peeling, breaking/ripping at the sides and hangnails.

I’ve been sloppy with taking care of my nails lately and this is what you get.  Short and dry.

So it’s time to go back to my old routine which consists of this:

– Trind’s Nail Balsam, the cornerstone of actually growing my nails past the nubbins state. When I started using it my nails stopped peeling and the breakage at the side got considerably less common. So; moisturize!

– OPI’s Nail Envy Original which makes my soft and spongy nails less so and hence reduces problems with them breaking.

– ORLY’s Cuticle Therapy, which keeps my cuticles happy and hangnail free. I have found no match for it; every other alternative I’ve tried is less effective and leaves oily residue on my hands for ever.

It will be interesting to see what my nails and cuticles look like in a month 🙂