Asphalt and spring flowers

China Glaze’s Stone Cold is perfect as the base for nail art and in this case the end result reminds me of asphalt and the first flowers in spring time 🙂

I stamped white flowers with China Glaze’s Snow and dotted on top of them with Rimmel London’s pink creme Pop Your Pink, Misa’s green creme Green With Envy and Gina Tricot’s yellow creme Aspen Gold. I topped this off with a coat of Essie’s Matte About You.

ChinaGlaze_StoneCold_ChinaGlaze_Snow_Rimmel_PopYourPink_Misa_GreenWithEnvy_GinaTricot_AspenGold ChinaGlaze_StoneCold_ChinaGlaze_Snow_Rimmel_PopYourPink_Misa_GreenWithEnvy_GinaTricot_AspenGold3 ChinaGlaze_StoneCold_ChinaGlaze_Snow_Rimmel_PopYourPink_Misa_GreenWithEnvy_GinaTricot_AspenGold6


Style and candy for the heart

It’s Green Wednesday over at Vacker&Underbar’s today and I have a manicure that barely looks green for you…

Usually I’m not a fan of asymmetry but there are rare cases when I’m either OK with it or actually like it a lot… This one is the former. I dotted some kind of combination of a medallion manicure and something else on top of Essie’s dark, dark green Stylenomics with Gina Tricot’s light blue Candy Mint and Misa’s purple Total Eclipse Of The Heart.


Misa’s Summer Love

It’s Pink Thursday over at Emma’s!

Misa’s Summer Love is a shimmer polish in fuchsia. The formula was quite goopy and since it’s so damn sheer it created some problems when trying to build opacity. This was a disappointent to be honest and there really is a reason I swapped this for something else… I hope the new owner likes it a lot more than I do though.

Misa_SummerLove Misa_SummerLove2 Misa_SummerLove3

Misa’s Toxic Seduction

It’s Green Wednesday today at Vacker&Underbar’s and I decided to show some old pictures of a lovely polish. Misa’s Toxic Seduction is a lovely dark green shimmer with hints of blue. This was my first try at Misa’s polishes and I’m quite impressed by both the color and the formula of this one and looking forward tro trying the ones from my recent haul.

Application was flawless and two coats were enough for opacity.

Misa_ToxicSeduction Misa_ToxicSeduction3Misa_ToxicSeduction2