Love & Beauty’s Charcoal

Here are some really old pictures of a favorite polish of mine. Usually charcoal polishes tend to be a bit bland and borins. Love & Beauty’s Charcoal is far from boring and it even has a perfect formula; easy to apply opaque at one generous coat and it dries fast.

Love&Beauty_Charcoal3Love&Beauty_Charcoal2 Love&Beauty_Charcoal4


China Glaze’s Stone Cold

I absolutely love this polish. Both the charcoaly color and the matte finish of China Glaze’s Stone Cold are amazing and the formula is perfection; Application is truly flawless, it is opaque at one generous coat and dries fast as is customary with matte polishes.

ChinaGlaze_StoneCold3 ChinaGlaze_StoneCold4ChinaGlaze_StoneColdChinaGlaze_StoneCold2

Jumbo Stones

I wore China Glaze’s Stone Cold to work the other day and when it started chipping (no polish lasts more then a day on me… help!) I decided to create some kind of nail art on top of it to wear to work next day. I used Cheeky’s Jumbo plate B and Barry M’s Silver Foil on top for stamping. After that I dotted with Nordic Cap’s neon pink 15.

It’s also Nail Art Sunday over at LeLack’s and this fits the free theme perfectly 🙂

China Glaze_StoneCold_BarryM_SilverFoil_NordicCap_15 China Glaze_StoneCold_BarryM_SilverFoil_NordicCap_152 China Glaze_StoneCold_BarryM_SilverFoil_NordicCap_153 China Glaze_StoneCold_BarryM_SilverFoil_NordicCap_155

Girly Bits’ Stormy Skies

Girly Bits’ Stormy Skies is a lovely medium grey with microglitter that shifts between green and gold. Application was a bit messy due to the polish being goopy but I’m sure some thinner will solve that issue. Three coats were needed for opacity and Stormy Skies really needs top coat to be glossy 🙂


GirlyBits_StormySkies GirlyBits_StormySkies2 GirlyBits_StormySkies3 GirlyBits_StormySkies4

Color Club’s Revvvolution

It’s Holo Friday over at Skimmerskuggan’s again and this friday I do have a post for you 🙂

Holographic polishes are a double edged sword for me… I like the effect (although the name itself is totally illogical…) and they’re incredibly beautiful on other people. Most of the time I think they distract from the color underneath though and I don’t wear them alone very often. Color Club’s Revvvolution is one of a few exceptions.

The base is a lovely dark grey, charcoaly color and the rainbows in my bottle are a little bit understated in most lighting besides the sun. I also percieve the rainbows as a little bit golden in person? Not sure why. As far as I know there are different versions of Revvvolution that vary in how strong the holographic effect is and I’m not sure which one I own.

The formula is amazing; besides drying really fast application is a breeze as it goes exactly where you want it to. You could also get away with just a single generous coat (but I used two due to user error).

And lastly… A lovely song 🙂


Catrice’s Steel My Heart

Catrice’s Steel My Heart is a gritty, matte dark brownish charcoal polish with both green, purple and (mostly) blue microglitter.

I can’t believe how awesome the formula of Steel My Heart is; it was incredibly easy to apply, opaque in two coats and dried (as always with mattes) very, very fast.

Catrice_SteelMyHeart2Catrice_SteelMyHeart Catrice_SteelMyHeart3

Cirque’s Cape Liz

Cirque’s Cape Liz is a lovely blueish grey polish full of shimmer flecks that shift in mostly silver but also blue and purple. It needed three coats for full opacity and to prevent some bald spots. This reminds me of grey and rainy autumn days 🙂

Cirque_CapeLiz3Cirque_CapeLiz2 Cirque_CapeLiz4