Gina Tricot’s Sparkling Hot

Gina Tricot’s Sparkling Hot. One of the best autumn polishes 😀

GinaTricot_SparklingHot2 GinaTricot_SparklingHot3GinaTricot_SparklingHot


Catrice’s Moonlight Express

How is it possible that I own only three Catrice polishes? I clearly need more! 🙂

Moonlight Express is a blackened teal full of blue flecks which applied like a dream and was fully opaque at two coats.

The first time I swatched this my opinion was the same as today: Moonlight Express reminds me of late night movie dates, popcorn and lamp post lighting on wet asphalt.

Catrice_MoonlightExpress Catrice_MoonlightExpress2 Catrice_MoonlightExpress3

Orly’s Fowl Play

Orly’s Fowl Play is beautiful in many ways but leaves me quite uninterested in the end. I have no idea why as the idea is quite lovely;  a deep purple jelly base full of flakies and micro glitter and tiny blue glitter. It applies very well, is opaque at two generous coats and dries reasonably fast.


Cirque’s Cape Liz

Cirque’s Cape Liz is a lovely blueish grey polish full of shimmer flecks that shift in mostly silver but also blue and purple. It needed three coats for full opacity and to prevent some bald spots. This reminds me of grey and rainy autumn days 🙂

Cirque_CapeLiz3Cirque_CapeLiz2 Cirque_CapeLiz4

Pahlish’s Still Alive

Wednesday today and that means Green Wednesday over @ Vacker&Underbar 🙂 this weeks post is a lovely indie from Pahlish; Still Alive. A densely packed emerald green mix of glitter, shimmer and flecks with some accents of gold. I decided to try it out even though my stupid ring finger nail decided to break clean off… Twice.

Formula wise I love Still Alive; application was very easy and it is fully opaque in two coats. Pahlish really makes incredible glitter and shimmer mixes that cover well on their own. And look at that color… isn’t it wonderful?


My very first mind control

Ahh. My favorite brand! Cult Nails’ Mind Control was my very first polish from Cult Nails and I loved it from the first time I got a proper look at it. Such a wonderful dark polish with it’s blackened base and flecks in mostly purple and gold.

This benefits from three coats but is opaque in two and there are no issues with the drying time. A top coat is needed to show off all of that flecky goodness 🙂