Jumbo Bellini

Rimmel London’s purple glassfleck Baby Bellini works good as the base for some stamping with Cheeky’s Jumbo Plate and Barry M’s Gold Foil. I just love purple and gold together in nail art 🙂

Rimmel_BabyBellini_BarryM_GoldFoil2Rimmel_BabyBellini_BarryM_GoldFoil4Rimmel_BabyBellini_BarryM_GoldFoil Rimmel_BabyBellini_BarryM_GoldFoil3


Rimmel London’s Baby Bellini

Rimmel London has released a small line of  Cocktail Colour glassfleck shimmery polishes. I ordered two from Asos and one of them broke in transit and now they’re all gone… Too bad as I like this one a lot and would probably have enjoyed the others as much.

This purple one is called Baby Bellini and is just incredibly awesome. I sure have a weakness for purple shimmers and glassflecks 🙂 application was flawless although three coats were needed for opacity.


Sinful Colors’ Kissy

It’s Blue Monday over at Lindas Nailorama!

One thing I love about Sinful Colors is the huge amount of blue and green polishes they sell, in a variety of hues and finishes. Kissy is a teal jelly packed with small glass flecks and micro shimmer. The formula was a little bit runny and wanted to pool around the cuticles. Three coats was needed for full opacity and color depth.

SinfulColors_Kissy4 SinfulColors_Kissy3  SinfulColors_KissySinfulColors_Kissy2

Pahlish’s Still Alive

Wednesday today and that means Green Wednesday over @ Vacker&Underbar 🙂 this weeks post is a lovely indie from Pahlish; Still Alive. A densely packed emerald green mix of glitter, shimmer and flecks with some accents of gold. I decided to try it out even though my stupid ring finger nail decided to break clean off… Twice.

Formula wise I love Still Alive; application was very easy and it is fully opaque in two coats. Pahlish really makes incredible glitter and shimmer mixes that cover well on their own. And look at that color… isn’t it wonderful?


Elusive gold flecks

I’ve been experimenting with sponge gradients a lot lately and this one I like! 🙂

E.L.F.’s Medium Red creme acts as the base and Gina Tricot’s Alexis was used for the gradient. Alexis is a a vampy reddish/purple/pink glassfleck polish that I’ve swatched on its own before. It has duochrome tendencies and shows it in certain lighting but the gold you can see in the bottle is barely noticable on the nails. It is a pwetty pwetty one though 🙂

ELF_MediumRed ELF_MediumRed3ELF_MediumRed_and_GinaTricot_Alexis ELF_MediumRed_and_GinaTricot_Alexis3ELF_MediumRed_and_GinaTricot_Alexis2

Hearts for Alexis

Gina Tricot’s Alexis looks so beautiful in the bottle… Unfortunately it leaves a lot of the prettiness behind when it’s painted on the nail. It’s by no means ugly or boring, just not as amazing as it could have been. The bottle flashes a purpleish base with a ton of pink, red and gold glassflecks and is heavily duochrome. On the nails it is a bit less duochrome; the golden flecks are nowhere to be found and the polish looks a bit like a purple/pink shimmer instead.

I stamped hearts with Barry M’s Gold Foil.

GinaTricot_Alexis2 GinaTricot_Alexis GinaTricot_Alexis_and_BarryM_GoilFoil2 GinaTricot_Alexis_and_BarryM_GoilFoil3


Starry midnight

China Glaze’s Midtown Magic is easily one of my top three polishes. It looks dark brown at first glance but is actually a dark purple or even burgundyish base with golden and red glassflecks and shimmer.

After wearing it for a while I decided to practice my stamping technique and used Barry M’s Silver Foil to stamp individual stars.