Color Club’s Revvvolution

It’s Holo Friday over at Skimmerskuggan’s again and this friday I do have a post for you 🙂

Holographic polishes are a double edged sword for me… I like the effect (although the name itself is totally illogical…) and they’re incredibly beautiful on other people. Most of the time I think they distract from the color underneath though and I don’t wear them alone very often. Color Club’s Revvvolution is one of a few exceptions.

The base is a lovely dark grey, charcoaly color and the rainbows in my bottle are a little bit understated in most lighting besides the sun. I also percieve the rainbows as a little bit golden in person? Not sure why. As far as I know there are different versions of Revvvolution that vary in how strong the holographic effect is and I’m not sure which one I own.

The formula is amazing; besides drying really fast application is a breeze as it goes exactly where you want it to. You could also get away with just a single generous coat (but I used two due to user error).

And lastly… A lovely song 🙂



7 thoughts on “Color Club’s Revvvolution

  1. Åh, är det så här mitt Revvolution ser ut? Det är ju SÅ vackert!!!
    Jag har inte vågat öppna min flaska trots att jag kanske borde gjort det till dagens jämförelse inser jag. Det får bli en annan gång 🙂

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