Pretty & Polished’s Party On My Yacht

Pretty & Polished’s Party On My Yacht is such a pretty indie. With a milky base and a ton of small hex glitter in purple, pink, green and gold and the odd stray blue bar glitter it looks amazing on your nails.

Party On My Yacht applied like a dream, was opaque at two coats, the glitters were distributed evenly and dried fast enough.

Pretty&Polished_PartyOnMyYacht Pretty&Polished_PartyOnMyYacht2  Pretty&Polished_PartyOnMyYacht4


Pretty & Polished’s Jawbreaker

Pretty & Polished’s Jawbreaker is a milky jelly with a ton of different sized and shaped glitters. It contains both medium hexagon glitter in yellow, blue and red aswell as large and tiny blue hexagon glitter. Add to that stray green bar glitter and we have mayhem! The good kind of mayhem though :)

This was incedibly easy to apply; went on smooth, good distribution of the glitters, needed two coats for opacity and dried fast enough.

And it does look exactly like Jawbreakers :D

Pretty&Polished_Jawbreaker3 Pretty&Polished_Jawbreaker2 Pretty&Polished_Jawbreaker