You are me and I am you

Milani’s Fresh Teal is so beautiful I needed to use it as the base for nail art (as I almost always do with my manicures at some point). I used Barry M’s Mint Green for the first layer of the dots. For the next layers I used China Glaze’s Snow, Rimmel London’s Green With Envy and topped it off with Barry M’s Gold Foil.

Unfortunately for me Poshé’s fast drying top coat bubbled alot this time as you can see… maybe because of the ridges from the dotting? Either way this kind of dotticure is so much fun to create and wear 🙂

And… It’s Friday today and this means weekend and a trip to my boyfriends family’s cottage by the sea. Looking forward to unwinding 🙂 Have an awesome weekend (and some awesome music)!

Milani_FreshTeal_and_BarryM_MintGreen_and_ChinaGlaze_Snow_and_Rimmel_GreenWithEnvy_and_BarryM_GoldFoi2 Milani_FreshTeal_and_BarryM_MintGreen_and_ChinaGlaze_Snow_and_Rimmel_GreenWithEnvy_and_BarryM_GoldFoil Milani_FreshTeal_and_BarryM_MintGreen_and_ChinaGlaze_Snow_and_Rimmel_GreenWithEnvy_and_BarryM_GoldFoil3 Milani_FreshTeal_and_BarryM_MintGreen_and_ChinaGlaze_Snow_and_Rimmel_GreenWithEnvy_and_BarryM_GoldFoil4 Milani_FreshTeal_and_BarryM_MintGreen_and_ChinaGlaze_Snow_and_Rimmel_GreenWithEnvy_and_BarryM_GoldFoil5


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