Comparison: Two Holographic Top Coats

It’s Holo Friday over at Skimmerskuggan’s and I decided to do a quick comparison of the two holographic top coats I own; Darling Diva Polish’s Dreamy and Enchanted Polish’s Djinn In A Bottle.

In the first and second pictures there are one coat of each polish on top of Gina Tricot’s Petrol to show off the difference.

As you can see Dreamy from Darling Diva Polish is dustier and hides the color underneath more per each coat. In the last picture you see two coats of Djinn In A Bottle from Enchanted Polish (and still one of Dreamy). They look more similar after that but Dreamy is still more hazy without giving more linear holographic effect according to me.

GinaTricot_Petrol_DarlingDiva_Dreamy_and_EnchantedPolish_DjinnInABottle_TEXT GinaTricot_Petrol_DarlingDiva_Dreamy_and_EnchantedPolish_DjinnInABottle2_TEXTGinaTricot_Petrol_DarlingDiva_Dreamy_and_EnchantedPolish_DjinnInABottle_4_TEXT


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