Etude House’s Lemon Sherbet

Time for the yellow polish of the Etude House’s Sweet Recipe Ice Cream Nails quartet; Lemon Sherbet.

This one was hard to capture accurately because of both the color and the amount of different glitters in it. I can see medium sized hex glitters in yellow, red, green, orange and white. White bar, square and tiny hex glitter and small brownish glitter. The yellow isn’t as vibrant as in these pictures (more pastely) and most of the glitters sink into the base as you can see.

It needed about three coats to get even and opaque but there were no issues with application besides bar glitter wanting to eascape the nail but that isn’t unusual in any way when it comes to that kind of glitter. My only disappointment was that Lemon Sherbet looks prettier and more colorful in the bottle.

Another very easter appropriate polish 🙂 I bought mine here but there are a multitude of other sellers on Ebay too.

EtudeHouse_LemonSherbet3 EtudeHouse_LemonSherbet4EtudeHouse_LemonSherbetEtudeHouse_LemonSherbet2EtudeHouse_LemonSherbet5 Haul_EtudeHouse2C EtudeHouse3


9 thoughts on “Etude House’s Lemon Sherbet

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  2. Alltså de här flaskorna var ju helt fantastiskt söta! Nästan så jag måste köpa bara för det 😀 Det var jag som skickade Ray Of Light. Har du fått hem den och är nöjd?

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