Etude House’s Apricot Candy

The first out of my swatches of the Sweet Recipe Ice Cream nails from Etude House is Apricot Candy.

In a beige base with a hint of apricot you get a mix of hex glitter in red, orange, purple, fuchsia, blue, green and yellow. The base is quite sheer and needed two coats of Essie’s Spaghetti Strap as underwear to get rid of the visible nail lines. Application was easy despite issues with dispersing glitter evenly on the nails. If you have issues with uneven glitter this is not your polish 😛

This is so easter appropriate it’s ridiculous 🙂 and just look at how cute the bottles are!

EtudeHouse_Apricot Candy2EtudeHouse_Apricot Candy EtudeHouse_Apricot Candy3Haul_EtudeHouse2C


11 thoughts on “Etude House’s Apricot Candy

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  2. Det här inlägget fick mig att rusa till Ebay och kasta iväg en beställning, jag med! Så fantastiskt urgulliga lack! 🙂

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