Reclaim the dots!

I realized how long it was since I did my favorite kind of dotting and decided on the blasphemous idea of dotting on top of Nubar’s grass green linear holo Reclaim. For the dotting I used HM’s black Manhunter and OPI’s  silvery champagne foil Designer… De Better.

It’s Holo Friday over at Skimmerkuggan’s 🙂

Nubar_Reclaim_and_HM_Manhunter_and_OPI_DesignerDeBetter  Nubar_Reclaim_and_HM_Manhunter_and_OPI_DesignerDeBetter3Nubar_Reclaim_and_HM_Manhunter_and_OPI_DesignerDeBetter2 Nubar_Reclaim_and_HM_Manhunter_and_OPI_DesignerDeBetter4


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