Green Wednesday: Eggs and gold

Ahh, I didn’t realize until after the manicure it actually looks alot like eggs! Gina Tricot’s Another Bite serves as the bright green base and China Glaze’s white Snow and Gina Tricot’s yellow Aspen Gold were used for the dots.

It’s Green Wednesday over at Vacker&Underbar 🙂

GinaTricot_AnotherBite_and_AspenGold_and_ChinaGlaze_Snow4 GinaTricot_AnotherBite_and_AspenGold_and_ChinaGlaze_Snow3 GinaTricot_AnotherBite_and_AspenGold_and_ChinaGlaze_Snow2 GinaTricot_AnotherBite_and_AspenGold_and_ChinaGlaze_Snow


9 thoughts on “Green Wednesday: Eggs and gold

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