365 Days of Color’s Crush On You

What could be more appropriate today than a limited edition Valentines day themed polish? I ordered 365 Days of Color’s Valentines day grab bag and recieved a hand cream (Butt Naked), a miracle balm (Strawberries & Champagne) and the lovely polish Crush On You. I’m not much for pale pinks in general since they don’t mix very well with my skin tone but this one I did like  :) It contains stray red square glitter and round glitter in  different sizes in a pale pink milky base. I like round glitter a lot as it gives the polish a very playful, childish look in a way that hexagon glitter doesn’t.

As far as application and formula goes for Crush On You; next time there will be some underwear as it needed three coats for decent opacity and there was still some visible nail line at that point (not as much as in the pictures though). Application was easy but I probably should have shaken/rolled the polish before applying since I had some issues with applying glitter evenly on each nail.

This is my second try at this kind of indie polish where the base is some kind of milky color and it truly is a slippery slope… I swore I wouldn’t get on the indie bandwagon at all for the sake of my wallet and here I am with a couple of hauls under my belt and three others on the way. I think it’s safe to say those damn indie brands beat me fair and square…

365DaysOfColor_CrushOnYou4 365DaysOfColor_CrushOnYou3 365DaysOfColor_CrushOnYou2 365DaysOfColor_CrushOnYou


2 thoughts on “365 Days of Color’s Crush On You

    • Jo gillar det förvånandsvärt mycket, trots problemet med att fördela glitter på varje nagel 🙂 Jag använder nu en i princip luktfri olja från ett annat märke. Jag tycker också de luktar ganska mycket men har gillat lukten på de jag fått.

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