Madness in the rainforest

I’m obsessed with painting cloud manicures! I just like the idea of matching three colors together 🙂 Essie’s Mojito Madness for the base and Revlon’s Rainforest and Gina Tricot’s Line Up for the clouds.

Perfect for Vacker & Underbar’s Green Wednesday 🙂

Essie_MojitoMadness_and_Revlon_Rainforest_and_GinaTricot_LineUp Essie_MojitoMadness_and_Revlon_Rainforest_and_GinaTricot_LineUp2 Essie_MojitoMadness_and_Revlon_Rainforest_and_GinaTricot_LineUp3


7 thoughts on “Madness in the rainforest

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