Polish everywhere

Ahh… december was a crazy month nail polish wise… Some hauls, some gifts and even a secret santa swap (but I’ll do a separate post about that one, easier to link). Lovely! 🙂

The last two polishes from my indie craze… Pahlish’s Toxic and Timeless and Chemical Swirl. I love the labels!

Haul_Pahlish2Gina Tricot’s Pistage Dream, Harmony and In Love. I can already tell Pistage Dream and In Love will be spring and summer favorites of mine.


Sally Hansen is hard to come by in Sweden, atleast if you’re not up for paying 17$… So when I found Green Tea and Gray By Gray on clearance… well. Yeah.

Haul_SallyHansenMy boyfriends mother and sister were kind enough to bring me a christmas gift from their vacation to the states. One of Urban Outfitter’s Ombré sets, a Sally Hansen’s Nail Art Pen in Turquoise and N.Y.C’s Times Square.



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