Ancient hallucinations

There’s quite a lot going on in this manicure, and it was my first attempt at a sponge gradient with more then two colors 🙂 I used HM’s Beauty Bandit as the  base, Orly’s Ancient Jade in the middle and OPI’s Jade Is The New Black at the tips. On top I painted one coat of Wet N Wild’s Hallucinate.

HM_BeautyBandit_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_OPI_JadeIsTheNewBlack_and_WetNWild_Hallucinate4 HM_BeautyBandit_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_OPI_JadeIsTheNewBlack_and_WetNWild_Hallucinate3  HM_BeautyBandit_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_OPI_JadeIsTheNewBlack_and_WetNWild_HallucinateHM_BeautyBandit_and_Orly_AncientJade_and_OPI_JadeIsTheNewBlack_and_WetNWild_Hallucinate2


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