My first attempt at a splatter manicure done with a straw! I had so much fun trying this technique although I had to repaint a few nails due to splatting on too much polish 🙂 OPI’s Alpine Snow was the perfect fresh base and Flormar’s hot pink  407 worked well for the splatter.

OPI_AlpineSnow_and_Flormar_4072 OPI_AlpineSnow_and_Flormar_4074OPI_AlpineSnow_and_Flormar_407


6 thoughts on “Splat!

    • Do it! Paint your nails with a base color of choice and decide on what polish you want for the splatter. Cover the your cuticles and the area around with vaseline (to make removal of polish easier). Take one of the thin straws and dip it about half a centimetre into the polish. Too much polish on the straw will give large splats and sometimes even cover the whole nail; you’ll have to try again on some nails. Too little polish will result in no splatter at all. Aim your straw at a nail of choice and blow through it 🙂 Good luck!

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