Confetti’s Masquerade Ball

New pictures of a favourite polish of mine… Confetti’s Masquerade Ball has a blackened base with wine red shimmer that glows beautifully. It is the perfect vampy polish 🙂

Confetti_MasqueradeBall  Confetti_MasqueradeBall3 Confetti_MasqueradeBall4


6 thoughts on “Confetti’s Masquerade Ball

  1. I bought this polish and I CANNOT get it to go on smoothly. It clumps and has weird transparency issues and is generally awful for me to use. Any tips? Yours is so gorgeous! I’m using a basecoat…

    I gave up last night and covered it with a translucent red glitter. I really like the combo, but I wanted to see this color by itself :(.

    • That sounds annoying 😦 mine is easy to apply and totally smooth. It’s a tad sheer but that isn’t unusual with these types of colors. Maybe you were unlucky enough to get a bad bottle? :/ Have you tried thinner already?

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