China Glaze’s Stone Cold

China Glaze’s Stone Cold is a lovely charcoal matte shimmer. It’s a solid one coater when painted properly and dries fast (as all mattes do). It’s one of my favorites 🙂

ChinaGlaze_StoneCold2 ChinaGlaze_StoneCold3 ChinaGlaze_StoneCold4ChinaGlaze_StoneCold


4 thoughts on “China Glaze’s Stone Cold

  1. I am pulling out all my Hunger Games shades that I bought and never wore any but for Riviting because they all were way too fall looking when they came out and I was into lighter, brighter shades by then…our fall was super HOT here until first of Dec so I never wore any of my fall shades – then it was a rush to wear holiday shades and I have so many favs and new ones too that I never get through those before it’s burn out on red, green and all the other combos. So now along with all the brights and pastels that are going hot for winter now, I will get in some of my never worn fall shades that are not too autumnal looking. I think I need to seriously scale back buying – I have sooo many never worn polishes now it’s not funny!

  2. I’d just managed to forget how much I wanted his when the Hunger Games collection came out and now you’ve reminded me. My wallet does not thank you, but the rest of me does!

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