Indie haul: I Love NP!

As mentioned before I had a lapse in judgement and ordered 21 indie polish bottles from a couple of stores on Etsy… Six of them were from ILoveNP and they arrived at my door today. I squealed with joy! And oh dear, I’m so very impressed with everything. They all arrive in their own individual box and the bottles themselves were just beautiful.

Ahaha, this sounds insane but I just think that indie sellers that keep a high level of quality in general deserve praise.

L-R: ILoveNP’s Bella, Animal Cookie, Babes In Toyland, So Ghoul, Clown Business and Up To Snow Good.

Haul_ILoveNP Haul_ILoveNP2Haul_ILoveNP_BottlesB Haul_ILoveNP_Bottles2 Haul_ILoveNP_Bottles3


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