Day 3 of the Holiday Nail Art Challenge and the theme is snowflakes. Marie Luuy’s 41 for the base and Gina Tricot’s White for the snow.

Once again… 3 failed designs and finally I threw my brushes into the wall, took my dotting tools and created snow(flakes) falling… When it was done I decided…

MarieLluy_41_and_GinaTricot_White MarieLluy_41_and_GinaTricot_White2 MarieLluy_41_and_GinaTricot_White3

MarieLluy_412 MarieLluy_41


10 thoughts on “Snow…flakes

  1. Not a fail…I like this! I see the snow falling – and I know how to do this with my dotting tools. It’s a take off of the dripping art or something similarly called that. I am not able to do too much other than sponging yet – but am trying to learn. Pretty good for a gal who barely can do stick fingers!

    • Haha, it was a fail considering I was trying to create detailed snow flakes in the beginning and ended up with this 🙂 I do like the result (and I love dotting). I just started experimenting with sponging and it is so much fun 😀

  2. I love this!! I had the same problem with my snowflake submission. My white was just so clumpy and hard to use so I re-did it like 3 times. Finally on the last try I told myself I don’t care what it looked like after this. ” I’M DONE! ” Lol

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