Indie craze

I’ve been trying to stay away from the indie craze in the nail polish community for several reasons. Not liking the drama that spread in its wake is one… The main reason is I’ve never found an indie brand I like enough to pay the higher price per bottle. During Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales I succumbed and ordered a total of 21 polishes from three indie brands; Glitzology, Pahlish and ILoveNP. Can’t wait to get them!

And now… I see beautiful indie polishes EVERYWHERE. Must. Resist.

JENsations @ Etsy:


2 thoughts on “Indie craze

  1. I only bought my first couple of Indie Polishes too…two lovely ones from SoFlaJo. i think that if I’m not careful I could go mad for them!

    I love how Driving Me Daisy looks in the bottle!

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