Nail art tools

One of the lovely ladies (I assume) at RedditLaqueristas asked if I could show the tools I use for nail art… Better late then never, huh…? 😛

Nail art is a lot of fun and there are a number of different tools that make it easier to create that manicure you conjured up in your imagination. A lot, if not all, of these can be found on Ebay for some change.

Dotting tools

Exactly what it sounds like; tools that make it easier to dot consistently. Mine look a bit like pens with pinheads on each end as you can see below.

Stamping plates

Metallic plates used to stamp images onto your nails (cards work better then scrapers to get the excess polish off the plate).

Striping tape

Thin thin tape that can be used both as a decoration on the nails by itself and for tape manicures.

Fimo Sticks

Fimo Sticks are canes that you cut with a razor into thin slices and apply to your nails. These can be bought either pre-sliced or as canes.

Scotch tape

In my opinion the best tape to create tape manicures with.

Tip guides

Stickers you apply to your nails that make it easier to paint  french manicures or chevrons for example.


There are of course many ways to create gradients but in most cases make up sponges work best.


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